The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency joins SHIP & CEE!

The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency joins SHIP & CEE!

KAPE is a national leader in the field of effective energy management. We are pleased to announce that the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE)  has joined the group of this year’s SHIP & CEE partners.

About KAPE:

“Our experts offer comprehensive services related to energy efficiency in construction: energy optimization of newly designed buildings, thermo-modernization of existing facilities, energy-efficient lighting. We advise our clients on how to obtain funding for projects aimed at improving efficiency and optimizing energy costs.

Our lab of energy-saving construction projects offers comprehensive design services for the construction of energy-efficient and passive houses. We carry out designs of buildings for individual orders, also offering their verification by an authorized auditor.

Our experts perform energy audits of buildings and audits in construction and industrial plants, carry out lighting audits and  energy performance certificates for buildings.

We offer comprehensive services in the field of obtaining energy efficiency certificates (so-called white certificates), covering a wide range of assistance in the identification of projects with appropriate savings potential, preparation of energy efficiency audits and submitting applications to the President of URE.”

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