Thinking innovatively means thinking broadly and being ready to keep leaving your comfort zone. It is thanks to innovative approaches and creative thinking that we can design new products and refine technologies, thus boosting the competitiveness of Polish enterprises that have gone global.

Abroad, we are seen as a resourceful and industrious nation. Numerous Polish professionals scattered across multinationals have masterminded innovative projects and solutions that, after all, become the intellectual property of their employers. Poland does not lack in highly qualified researchers and visionaries, either. Regrettably, enterprising people are still facing barriers and constraints in financing their innovative projects. Poland spends as little as EUR 18 per capital for research and development (R&D) against the European average of EUR 302. This is reflected in the 24-criteria Innovation Union Scoreboard 2014 ranking which ranks Poland 25th among the EU member states.

However, Poland has regions and cities that walk high above the country’s average in the development and implementation of new technologies. Among them, the Silesia region stands out, especially the city of Gliwice, one of the most important Polish centres of innovation, member of the World Technopolis Association (WTA), a prestigious international organization based in South Korea. That is why Gliwice, “a leader of knowledge-based economy”, hosts the conference, New technologies, New Horizons, as part of the International Innovation Forum project. The event offers a unique opportunity for supranational exchange of experience and opinions as well as affording a chance of forging valuable business partnerships.

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