This is not an exaggeration to say that outsourcing is today becoming Opole’s showpiece, and the city authorities try to push the boundaries encouraged by positive feedback from investors.

“Our priority is to tailor our offering to investors’ needs,” admit the authorities of Opole. “We are consistent in making the difference with a view to developing the BPO sector in the city. We want as many companies as possible to learn about what we have to offer,” they add. Significant changes are observable in the area of office space availability, especially that sought by the outsourcing sector.

The city is now supporting the construction of several office buildings and is planning a number of new ones.
In parallel to modern office space, the other magnet for the outsourcing industry is human capital. Local higher education establishments are flexible in adapting their curricula to the actual labour market expectations. They are especially developing technical German courses, which should help attract new investors to the city.

To demonstrate the potential of Opole as a Polish outsourcing centre and seek answers to the most topical questions that are surfacing across the industry, we invite Polish and foreign investors, HR sector and public administration representatives as well as industry experts to join in a discussion and share their experience.

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