Orange Properties is a content partner of SHIP & CEE 2018!

Orange Properties is a content partner of SHIP & CEE 2018!

Orange Properties has once again joined the group of conference content partners. Company’s offer includes: wide range of buildings and best addresses with great investment potential.

Orange Properties: 

  • Wide range of office, warehouse and technical buildings, investment land, commercial premises, houses and plots;
  • Best addresses: attractive locations in the centers of provincial and district cities as well as smaller towns;
  • Investment potential: real estate for offices, services, hotels, logistics, dormitories and other development projects.

What’s the story behind Orange Properties?

The story begins … in 1928 along with the foundation of the state-owned enterprise Polish Post, Telegraph and Telephone, out of which in the 1990’s the Telekomunikacja Polska S.A has been spun-off. Since 2012, the company has been operating under the international brand Orange. Early telecommunication technologies required extensive areas for maintenance of technical equipment. Today, thanks to technological development, Orange can provide more advanced services by using significantly smaller areas. In addition, the centralization of operations and the relocation of employees to larger buildings of higher work standards have made many buildings used only partially. Orange therefore offers to sell real estate that it does not use for its core business activities.

 What we are?

  • Competent – our team is made up of people with real estate experience. We are always available to our clients – before and after the completion of sale. For larger projects we provide full conceptual support, we also conduct comprehensive consultations.
  • Open and transparent – we cooperate with intermediaries on an open contract basis. We have verified the right to dispose of real estate and clearly defined terms of cooperation.
  • Reliable – financial stability of the company guarantees the fulfillment of the undertaken obligations.

 What do we believe in?

We believe in new technologies. We invest proceeds from the real estate sales in the development of telecommunications services, including the fiber network expansion. We believe that we are contributing to the digital society.

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