The socio-economic transformation triggered 25 ago has proven successful, largely thanks to the inspiration and as a result of the investment effort of local self-governments, primarily towns and cities. Being co-responsible for the country’s development policy, local authorities face a number of challenges as they register the need for continuous professionalization of their operations. To achieve the top level of management efficiency, they keep improving strategic planning, operations, coordination of investment policy while, at the same time, implementing comprehensive revitalization programmes, sustainable transport projects or initiatives aimed to secure support for investors.

Recognizing the opportunities behind cooperation in fostering and channelling the development effort of local governments, Deloitte invites you to participate in a series of expert meetings of the Academy of Effective Local Government. The aim of the Academy initiative is to have a closer look at the most efficient instruments supporting the best local governments in their rapid and sustainable development. We want to showcase the best solutions validated at the international level in both the public and private sector. Each of the covered solutions can, and should be, tailored to the specific needs of any local government, both in terms of the scope of analysis, diagnostic tools, or preferred implementation plan.

  • The many years’ and global experience in cooperation with cities and regions – and the perspective of an unbiased observer – allowed Deloitte pinpoint the key attributes and improvements conducive to high-quality management and ensuring efficiency in achieving maximum results with available resources. We would like to present and discuss them during the expert meetings at the Academy of Effective Local Government. These attributes and improvements are:
  • the development of a model structure of efficient management of the portfolio of strategies, plans, programmes, projects, and investment tasks;
  • the implementation of the mechanism of conscious management of operational excellence across the structures responsible for the implementation of development strategies based on the monitoring of their own organizational structures, integration of selected departments and the creation of shared services centres;
  • the use of pre-investment planning tools and professional tools for the management of programmes and project portfolios with the aim to improve and coordinate the investment policy in place;
  • the development of a plan of coordinated and long-term and comprehensive revitalization activities focused on enhancing life quality in the city and the use of the idea of ​​revitalization in the general coordination of urban policies, including the option of use of intelligent social policy tools;
  • the development and implementation of a coordinated, cost-effective and attractive public transport system, integrating specific functional areas beyond administrative boundaries.
  • the optimization of investor assistance systems, aimed to cover the investor’s perspective, and of the current offer for investors aligned with the development strategy, smart specialization, or own brand.

The quality of the content covered at the Academy for Effective Local Government is ensured by the experts from Deloitte.

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