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„While individual markets in CEE have developed differently, the hotel market in the region as a whole has registered an upward trend, which makes it attractive for investors. Tourism is booming and underpinned by strong economic indicators, the region’s hoteliers expect this positive trend to continue. Hotel investors are taking note and increasingly looking to unlock value in CEE capitals. The prospect of hotel assets with higher yields, increasing tourism demand and significant economic growth are proving to be highly attractive for a wide range of international investors. Early adopters are positioned to benefit from an upswing in these relatively immature investment markets. Our customers also benefit from this trend. Currently Christie & Co has a few hotels for sale in the CEE region as well as interesting advisory projects, which underlines the movement on the market.”

Lukas Hochedlinger, Managing Director Central & Northern Europe, Christie & Co – moderator of Introduction to Hotel Development: CEE region opportunities Session at Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland & CEE 2017!

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