Despite the global economy difficulties Austrian-Polish business relations are developing.

There are app. 800 Austrian companies present in Poland and the value of direct Austrian investments has exceeded the level of PLN 5.6 bln (EUR 1.4 bln). While the main focus are still real estate and construction, banking, hotels and insurance sectors located in the main cities, there is still some undiscovered potential in Poland.

Renewable energy, food production, wood/furniture production, tourism are the  only examples of what the Warmia and Mazury Province of Poland can offer. The region famous of its beautiful environment (land of lakes), rich sources of natural materials (wood, alternative fuel), educated and motivated human potential (several high schools, over 1.4 mln inhabitants) and location (close access to the Russian market – border with Kaliningrad zone) is opened for Austrian entrepreneurs interested in expanding their business within EU.

Warmia and Mazury offers international investors even more: two special economy zones with tax reliefs and investment support at all business development stages among others. The list of international players who placed their business in the province is significant: Michelin, IKEA, Heineken, Philips Lighting, Alstom, Constantia Group, Citi Group and Transcom. Would you like to be the next one?

The Marshall of the Province would warmly welcome you to the special business breakfast and networking event on 8th of November in WKO Vienna. You will have the opportunity to find out more about the region in here, in Vienna:

“This is Warmia and Mazury! It is my pleasure to present you the unique potential and support for international business in the Province. Feel invited!” says Jacek Protas, Marshall of the Warmia and Mazury Province.

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