The notion of sustainable development, as one of the top EU priorities, has been around for some years now. Among other things, it also covers corporate social responsibility and sustainable urban development. In our opinion, no less important, or perhaps the most important, component of this subject is the sustainable construction industry. Sustainable means aligned with the environmental protection standards and resident/tenant/user-friendly.

Therefore, we have created a coalition of companies that lead the industries involved in the various stages of a sustainable construction project (investor, designer, developer, project engineer, manufacturer of construction materials, general contractor, site and building manager, financing institution, and lawyers).

The effort of the coalition and participants of the meetings held so far is the definition of five top challenges obstructing or hindering the development of sustainable construction in Poland. The weight of the identified challenges, but primarily the absence of a broader discussion among the market players, have made us tackle the issues listed below and find satisfying answers together with the coalition members, independent experts and invited guests;
1. The need for social awareness development in sustainable development.
2. Local zoning plans covering all urban areas.
3. The need for integrated design. Familiarity with the latest solutions in the industry and the introduction of the obligation to implement modern solutions.
4. The need to coordinate and harmonize existing regulations.
5. Financial preferences for sustainable construction projects.

Each of these areas deserves a separate discussion gathering the key experts in the relevant fields and held in an interactive manner, i.a. by involving the audience concerned with sustainable construction.

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