On 24 April this year, Katowice hosted a seminar on sustainable design. The meeting addressed the following questions: What a sustainable city should look like? How is it designed? What does it need to have to be resident-friendly? The seminar in Katowice marked the second meeting of the 3rd edition of the nationwide project, Partnership for Sustainable Construction, originated and sponsored by RD bud.

Katowice became a meeting spot for architects, developers, municipal authorities, the faculty of the Silesian University of Technology, and many other professional groups involved in the broad construction investment process. The seminar panel discussion was attended, for example, by the municipal architect of Katowice, Michał Buszek, the representatives of developers investing in the city, and architects.

The second part of the meeting was dominated by a practical workshop session led by Buro Happold and architect Tomasz Konior with Konior Studio.

“The root cause of many urban problems is the lack of integrated urban planning. During the workshop, we focused on analysing the urban potential in order to identify and tackle specific problems,” explains Marek Dąbrowski from Buro Happold.

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