“One of the greatest treasures of our country is the enterprise and energy of Poles, released in 1989. Those have largely contributed to the fact that the Polish economy was the only one in EU to avoid the recession of 2009. Our entrepreneurs create work places, contribute to the development of Poland and stand as ambassadors of Poland abroad,” said prof. Jerzy Buzek, the former President of the European Parliament. Authorities within the Warmia and Mazury district in Poland are of the same opinion to promote and support local businesses in their growth and expansion.

Help for local business takes many forms, ranging from technology parks and special economic zones, economic missions, counseling and assistance in obtaining funds, investment forums and conferences. All activities have one goal: to develop the region through the improvement of enterprises employing its residents. More companies translate into higher taxes to the budget and the possibility of greater investment.

In these times of global economic downturn, the local economy and its participants are even more important. What can local governments do to further strengthen business in present circumstances? What do entrepreneurs expect, and how do they view the efforts of local authorities? How important is the business location of Warmia-Mazury? Which of the local potentials are important to them, and why?

These questions will be answered by speakers and panelists of the seminar entitled: “Start locally, plan globally. The importance of the investment potential of Warmia and Mazury for the success of local businesses”, on October 26. The host, Marshal of the Warmia and Mazury voivodship, Jacek Protas, invited representatives of the fastest growing companies in the region, business institutions, and the best consultants from international companies. Following the seminar, attendees have the opportunity to meet other members in order to strengthen relationships.

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