The end of the year is associated with reviews and it remains the perfect time for analysing perspectives for the year 2013. While the first half of the passing year was marked with feverish preparations and euphoria connected with Euro 2012 football spectacle, the following months made the spirits brake because of the news related to economic slowdown as well as decreasing profit sof some companies and their bankruptcies.

Does the reality presented in the media reflect the actual state of the economy? How is Silesian economy, as one of the strongest in Poland, prepared for the upcoming year 2013? What is the role of the authorities of Katowice and those of voivodship? What part do the entrepreneurs play? Where is the platform for the cooperation between business and administration? Who should moderate it? How big is the importance of strong, local, family businesses? What kind of support do the investors expect? What are the chances for big, foreign investments, especially within the branch of outsourcing? They do offer new job opportunities, but are they stable? During the seminar ”Silesia! Trusted localization in the age of economic uncertainty” the speakers and panelists will try to find the answers to those questions. Guests of the seminar, which will be held on the 11th of December in Goldstein Palace in Katowice, are invited by Adam Matusiewicz, the Marshall of the Silesian Voivodship, and Piotr Uszok, the President of Katowice. Among the special guests are Prof. Witold Orłowski and Prof. Andrzej Blikle.

VIP Gala is planned as the second part of the meeting, which is organized as a part of the project ”Prospects in Poland”.

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