On 26 March 2014, the Silvia Gold Hotel in Gliwice hosted the 3 edition of the conference addressing the prospects for the development of the logistics sector in the Silesian Metropolis.

How to fully unlock the potential of the area surrounding the intersection of the A1 and A4 motorways was the hot subject among the representatives of the city of Gliwice, industry experts, investors seeking investment opportunities in the region and entities already running a business in Upper Silesia.

The logistics conference in Gliwice has already been branded as one of the top business meetings in the region. For three years, the meeting hosted by the city authorities has attracted more than 100 companies from the logistics sector, investment funds, developers, potential tenants, representatives of the economic zones, and the industry and regional mass-media.

Pursuing its development strategy made a couple of years ago, Gliwice seems to be making the best of its favourable geographic location and the general trends prevailing in the logistics market. The city is consistently developing its infrastructure and facilities with a view to raising its attractiveness in the eyes of investors looking for some new spots for their logistics centres. Gliwice educates its people and reduces the red tape to speed up business initiatives by the domestic and foreign capital. The Subzone of the Katowice Special Economic Zone, the Silesian Logistics Cluster or the Silesian Logistics Centre – all set up in Gliwice – are just a handful of examples of how the city is putting the desire of leading the Polish logistics industry into action.

“We try to meet the market needs, but this would not be come off if not for our permanent dialogue with investors and industry experts,” Zygmunt Frankiewicz, Gliwice mayor and host of the meeting explains the idea of the conference. Next to the city authorities, the speakers will be: Jerzy Polaczek, former minister of transport, Paul Poncyliusz, former deputy minister of economy and Marek Zuber, economist and financial analyst.

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