The uncertain future of Europe’s largest economies has made investors look for a more secure location for their money. Will the developing region in south-eastern Poland prove to be an interesting alternative for them? Will the Podkarpackie voivodship use its strengths in this interesting but difficult period? What can we offer businesses during these difficult times? How and upon what foundations will we build our future?

These, and many other key questions will be answered by the panel members and guests of the seminar:

“Podkarpackie Voivodeship – a strong brand. Potential, investment and development and the turmoil in the European economy” will be held on 17th November at the Ambasadorski hotel in Rzeszów.

The list of the strong investment advantages of the Podkarpacie region is a long one: its human potential (about two million people), the proximity of the promising Ukrainian market, a wide range of well-prepared investment sites, ease of air transport (through the expansion of the Rzeszow Szczecin airport), the region’s road (A4 and S19 motorways) and rail infrastructure. Additionally the region enjoys the presence of three Special Economic Zones (in Tarnobrzeg, Mielec and Kraków), as well as dozens of universities, led by the University of Rzeszów and the Rzeszów University of Technology. A very important argument is the possibility of co-financing from EU funds and the State budget – at up to 70 percent!

In Poland, the Podkarpackie region boasts a unique concentration of companies in the airline industry. These include the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park “Aeropolis” (part of the SEZ “Euro Park Mielec”), and are concentrated in the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Aviation Industry Group’s “Aviation Valley”, which, together with a group of scientific entities, have established the Centre for Advanced Technology “AERONET.”

In addition to being a leader in the aerospace industry, the Podkarpackie voivodship excels in other fields such as: IT (the Informatyka Podkarpacka IT cluster, and the largest company in the sector – Asseco), tires (Dębica, Goodrich) as well as chemical, food and automotive.

The region’s Marshal’s Office supports the development of local economies and takes an active role to meet the expectations of Carpathian entrepreneurs and investors from outside the region. One of the last actions embarked by the local authorities has been a start-up entitled “Investor and Exporter Service Centre”, whose objective is “the internationalization of entrepreneurship in the Podkarpackie region and the whole of Poland”.

Together with Bluevine Consulting, the region’s Marshal Officeis is co-hosting the “Podkarpackie Voivodeship – a strong brand. Potential, investment and development and the turmoil in the European economy” conference, which is part of the “Prospects in Poland “.

The seminar is addressed to representatives of large, medium and small businesses who operate in Podkarpackie or are interested in this location. Its aim is to present the knowledge, experience and discussion on essential topics about running a business at the local level against the background of important economic events on the macro level

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