Dolnośląskie – it is a good place to do business.

Wrocław and the voivodship are high in rankings of places friendly for entrepreneurs and are granted awards from business organisations. Good climate creates favourable conditions to attract international companies the list of which is long and includes several dozen corporations from a worldwide shortlist. They are accompanied by local economic operators which are often their co-partners. According to the Regional Statistical Office at the end of 2010 in Dolnośląskie Voivoidship there were registered 330.6 thousand market operators a large number of which are modern, resilient and ambitious companies which apart from aspirations also have a development potential. The climate of Dolnośląskie which facilitates economic activities is supported by institutions appointed by local self-government and voivodship authorities which do not hesitate to cooperate in this field with non-governmental organisations and scientific units. The Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency, the Economic Cooperation Agency of Dolny Śląsk, the Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ have in their portfolios a number of interesting projects the effect of which is a longer and longer list of companies operating in Dolnośląskie Voivodship and an increase of their competitiveness also in the field of implemented innovations.

With such a base of qualified workers (but in comparison to other parts of Poland, not the cheapest ones) and taking advantage of the natural argument related to the neighbourhood of Germany and the Czech Republic, economic operators from Dolny Śląsk more and more willingly and without complexes make plans to expand their activities across the country and abroad.

Will 2011 facilitate development of ambitious companies? What sectors are most likely to be successful? What benefits can a merger or consolidation with other market operators bring? How to finance expansion? How to prepare and enter a new and unknown market? Where to look for support, including financial and legal assistance? How much does it cost?

Answers to these questions will be given by panellists and speakers at the seminar “One step ahead” which will be held … in the Hotel Monopol in Wrocław.


The seminar is another meeting within the series “Prospects in Poland” promoting Polish cities and their business environment.

The aim of the conference in Wrocław which will last half a day is to:

– analyse potential of local companies in the process of development and expansion
– talk over the policy of the authorities of Wrocław and Dolnosląskie Voivodship on supporting development of local business
– present companies which operate in Dolny Śląsk and make large steps on the road of success
– discuss ways of expansion and improving competitiveness of local companies on the Polish and foreign markets
– present feasible options of financing development and expansion for the sector of small and medium-sized companies
– define the most important challenges related to organisation, logistics and law for companies which want to expand their activities.


To the group of presenters we have invited representatives of the most important institutions of the local self-government in Wrocław and Dolnośląskie Voivodship which cooperate with business. The seminar will be also attended by advisers from the best global consulting companies, lawyers, financiers and experts of business organisations. Equally important guests will be representatives of companies which operate in Dolny Śląsk.

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