Business relies on individual successes but it is difficult to build the strength of the trade and fight with the economic challenges alone.

Therefore, Müller – Die lila Logistik Poland is trying to meet the expectations of the white goods’ sector in Poland  to create a one of its kind platform for the exchange of the experience, discussions, joint analysis or establishing cooperation in order to achieve the effects of lobbying.

The 1st Logistics Forum for the Home Appliances Producers, entitled “On the Way with Home Appliances” which takes place in May, in Piekary Śląskie will be an opportunity to make it happen.

-The market of logistics services will give a chance to those operators who will be able to provide the handling services at the highest level because the household appliances, especially those with large measurements, require solid equipment, qualified crew and the support in the quality area. We cannot get away from the solution which was perfectly developed in Germany: distribution of products from a number of producers and brands from the same centres. It is not the only challenge faced by the household appliances trade in Poland. That is why, it is worth talking about and seeking  for the common solutions- accentuates Tomasz Rączka, the Chief Operating Officer of Müller – Die lila Logistik Poland – Value Added Logistics Sp. z o.o. – inviting to take part in the Forum.

Among the group of speakers and guests there will be representatives from the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, economic zones, companies producing the household appliances, transport companies as well as economists and analysts.

Forum participants will gain knowledge in, for example, macroeconomic analysis and interpretation of the crucial events in the international economy, factors of potential increase or decrease in sales, trends in relations between the price and the costs of production and relations between logistics and quality.

The separate place in discussion will be devoted to the meaning of effective and economical transport for the household appliances producers and their customers.

The Forum allows to have a broad view on the industrial space and warehouse market for the household appliances also from the point of view of employee availability in locations crucial to the production and logistics of the household appliances as well as the alternatives locations.

It will also be an opportunity to present the trade’s expectations from special economic zones, the local governments and the system of education.

The host and the organizer of this meeting is the Müller – Die lila Logistik Poland. The Honorary Patronage  over the event is taken by the Katowice Special Economic Zone. SEGRO is the strategic partner. The essential partners are: Deloitte, Jones Lang LaSalle and OTTO Poland.  The organizational partner is the Bluevine Consulting company.

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