Global trends such as changing client expectations, strong competition in this sector and the application of ideas drawn from other sectors have all effected an ongoing transformation of the logistics market. Technological developments also contribute to the appearance of solutions which had only recently appeared impossible or far-fetched. How can available technologies and resources be combined to build completely new market solutions, solutions which ensure competitive advantage? This is one key question faced by leaders in this sector. Understanding the influence of technology on the dynamics of change and the main trends in the sector is the decisive factor determining the future of logistic companies.

To fully avail yourself of the opportunities provided by the changes taking place on the market within broad trends, we invite you to join a discussion with the very people who are building the new reality! Innovative Future 2to5 format, is a space for invited contributors and guests to discuss specific areas of development on the market, the existing technological solutions and changes awaiting this branch of the market in the coming 2 to 5 years. Thanks to a broad perspective including the technological viewpoint – as well as topics related to creativity, education, communication and ethics – participants will have the opportunity to get a real glimpse into the future of the sector.

Event agenda coming soon!

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