14 cities, 2 million people, dozens of higher education facilities, tens of thousands of companies, the country’s most robust special economic zone, efficient transport infrastructure and mature real property market: these facts demonstrate the investment capability of Poland’s largest urban organism – the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union (USMU).

The governance and members of the USMU work together to strengthen the position of the region as a leading business destination. They also want to reap the benefits of the synergy of joint activities. Entrepreneurs are among the beneficiaries of this synergy.

The Silesian Metropolis is open to cooperation with investors: they can have access to an array of cooperation offers, land, and a team of qualified advisers. The companies already operating in Silesia have become the best advocates for the location. Based on their reports, the potential of Silesia works in practice and translates into measurable results. The success of the region is owned by the representatives of the BPO sector as well as of the automotive, chemical, logistics and metal industries.

Any measures taken with a view to growing the metropolis, generating the wealth of cities and residents, or attracting new investment are effective only if they are consistent and regular. The drawing up of the relevant strategies must be based on a dialogue between the business world and the administration. The sharing of plans and expectations and the exchange of experience is one of the objectives of the conference, Business Hub Silesia. Investment Appeal of the Silesia Metropolitan Area v. Economic Reality and Investor Expectations, which was held on 29 May in the Angelo Hotel in Katowice.

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