Indeed, Poland has regions and cities that walk high above the country’s average in the development and implementation of new technologies. Among them, the Silesia region stands out, especially the city of Gliwice, one of the most important Polish centres of innovation, member of the World Technopolis Association (WTA), a prestigious international organization based in South Korea.

The city is home to many different innovation and entrepreneurship projects. These include, for example, science and technology parks (Technopark Gliwice), technology platforms (Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy), the Centre for Information and Technology Transfer of the Technical University of Silesia, and the Upper Silesian Agency for Enterprise and Development (GAPR) in Gliwice which is made up of: the Regional Centre for Information and Technology Transfer, GAPR Business Incubator, Nowe Gliwice GAPR Education and Business Centre (Industrial Park, two Business Incubators and the Gliwice School of Entrepreneurship), GAPR Industrial Parks in Bytom and Żory, Technological Incubator in Rybnik (a subsidiary of GAPR), the Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry in Czechowice (a subsidiary of GAPR) and the Local Development Agency in Jaworzno (a subsidiary of GAPR) and equity funds (Upper Silesian Enterprise and Development Agency Credit Fund and the Technology Accelerator in Gliwice).

That is why Gliwice, “a leader of knowledge-based economy”, hosts the conference, New technologies, New Horizons, as part of the International Innovation Forum project, during which the representatives of the local government, technical colleges, business organizations as well as entrepreneurs will ponder upon the challenges of Polish innovation. Foreign experts will share their observations on the functioning of science and technology parks in Western Europe. Local innovation-driven entrepreneurs will talk about their most recent projects. And the representatives of financial institutions will cast some light on the financing opportunities for entrepreneurs involved in various innovative undertakings.

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