Does Silesia wisely use its potential to develop as a smart and sustainable destination? What challenges do the authorities face to strengthen the position of the region? With issues have they already tackled successfully? What it is that Silesia has to offer in terms of business opportunities? What else can they learn from other regions and which of their achievements can be a model to follow by the whole country? What are the areas that promise sound business development in the region? Such and other topics were debated during the conference, Śląskie: Smart & Sustainable Changes, held on 12 December 2013.

Investors’ interest in the region is reflected, for example, in this year’s 400-million-euro transaction of purchase of the Silesia City Centre, probably the biggest single acquisition transaction of 2013 in Europe, or IBM’s decision to set up their Global Services Delivery Centre in Katowice, which ousted a dozen of other short-listed candidate locations around the world.

The conference was organized by the Silesian Marshal’s Office and the Katowice Municipal Office. Their organizational partner was Bluevine Consulting, the originator of the Prospects in Poland series of events. The event saw the presentation of a recent report by ABSL on the modern business services sector in Katowice and the Silesia Metropolis.
The conference moderators were Igor Sokołowski, TVN24, and Jan Cieński, the Financial Times.

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